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"PATENT TROLL" - Any party that intentionally misconstrues the claims of their patent to assert it against another. A patent troll does not have to be a non-practicing entity (NPE) or in any particular industry, all that is required is an intentional misconstruing of the claims in an attempt to extort money from another.


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Friday, May 27, 2011

Android developer threatened by Lodsys?

Lodsys has not gone away yet, for Apple or Android developers.  According to at least one report, Lodsys has threatened to sue an Android application developer also, which makes sense.  If Lodsys claims (completely bullshit claim though, see earlier posts) that Apple's app developers infringe, then by the same totally misconstrued claim interpretations, then the Android developers would also likely infringe.  (But, if facts matter at all, they don't.)  The analysis and discussion of the '078 patent I have already posted also applies to Android applications and the results and options are likely the same.  See here for developer options.

For a good summary of where things stand for Apple's application developers now, see here.


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