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"PATENT TROLL" - Any party that intentionally misconstrues the claims of their patent to assert it against another. A patent troll does not have to be a non-practicing entity (NPE) or in any particular industry, all that is required is an intentional misconstruing of the claims in an attempt to extort money from another.


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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

First group of patents for discussion

I performed a prior art search based on the Lodsys '078 Patent.  I have not yet taken the time to determine if they should be granted the priority dates of all the continuations and CIP they filed, dating all the way back to Aug 6, 1992.  If someone wants to help with that analysis, please have at it.

Thus, I performed a search of patents that were filed prior to Aug. 6, 1992, as it seems to be the earliest claim to priority for the '078 patent.  Here is my first set of results and short summary of their subject area.

4,658,093 - software authorized for limited use
4,740,890 - software predetermined trial period
5,019,963 - software remote version updating
5,023,907 - network license server
5,101,267 - audience polling system
5,103,476 - remote activation of software
5,138,712 - software license management
5,155,847 - remote update during use of software
5,204,897 - software license management
5,247,683 - software install over network
5,319,562 - software remote purchasing system and info collection
5,334,821 - portable POS terminal
5,577,244 - software update program
5,663,757 - interactive TV
5,956,505 - software with optional features


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